MY Philosophy

Creativity not Criminality

Whilst working with some of the world’s most creative, innovative and cutting edge multidisciplinary design and broadcast studios, I completed a diverse body of work, spanning a range of creative fields, for a plethora of clients, including; Sony, Microsoft, Virgin, Adidas, Nike, Pepsi, Kodak, BT, MTV, The BBC, SyFy Channel, Channel 4, Paul Weilland Films, BBH, Tony Kaye, TV3, Warner Brothers, The Sheffield Film Commission, Warp Records, Peter Saville(The Apartment), The Crucible, The Labour Government DCMS, Sheppard Robson Architects, The Fourth Room Strategy(Michael Wolffe), and The Leadmill.

Virgil Abloh's and a number of other highly-connected criminals within the industries strategy has been to relentlessly rape me, illegally stealing MY concepts/years of work and using their immense resources to put it out before I can, so even though I am far more talented and work far harder, I am getting deeper and deeper into debt  whilst they "profit and gloat" that they are the talent and untouchable, whereas the truth is I am the real talent behind the work and would have, with the resources they have had at their disposal, or even a fraction of, and without the relentless attacks, intimidation and rape have done a far superior job to them.

Unlike their hack, spy, stalk and rape, anything for fame and fortune, the fraudsters, including Virgil Abloh and CO/, I have always put my heart and soul into my work. But due to his illegal hacks/acts and those of a number of other criminals within the industry, years of my life have been stolen from me and I currently have serious debts. Whereas by last reports Virgil Abloh was turning over 400 MILLION DOLLARS a year, from OFF-WHITE alone, that doesn't include his earnings from both NIKE, and LV which will both net him MILLIONS per year on top of that. Crime has been and is paying Virgil Abloh and the other hackers/spyware users/stalkers/thieves extremely well. This needs to end, he needs to be brought to justice, not just for m,  but the many, many, others his illegal hacks/acts have seriously adversely affected, and the corruption the "CRIMINALITY" needs to be stamped out of the 'Creative Industries'.